Don “Wolf” Yates (American Gladiator)

Don Yates, known as “WOLF” on the highly publicized NBC television show American Gladiators, is as tough and wild as they come. Don’s character, “Wolf”, has emerged as one of the top American Gladiators due to his looks, branded howl and snide comments (“I smell blood. I smell fear and I am going to eat you”). He is as cool off the TV set as he is on. You will witness all 6 feet-4 inches — 235 pounds as he bounds into your living room challenging the contestants in Hang Tough, the Pyramid and the Wall. Monday Nights, NBC 8/7c. Don has segue-wayed into comedy through an upcoming FOX ½ hour sitcom. Living With Abandon will be viewed for a 2010 slate as well as an indie feature, Fancy Pants playing “The Darkness” directed by Joshua Russell to also premiere next year. Additionally, Jason Alexander contacted Don Personally to work on a New project with him.